Below are the Resource Hiring Models We offer

Crest Coder has team of highly experienced resource who offers the skills of the Offshore Dedicated Center (ODC) or Dedicated Offshore DevelopmentTeam through our Hire a Dedicated Developer Model.

We majorly focus on associating as a technology partner with our clients and allow them to concentrate on their core business objectives with assured return on their web technology investments.

Hire the skills from our team to work exclusively on your requirements. This dedicated developer model is best suited,

  • For software / web development / IT companies as an extension to their development facility.
  • If the project/product is ongoing and it needs constant changes
  • Regular maintenance or fix monthly jobs such as website updates / maintenance, back office or data entry or technical support, email support etc.

Below are the Resource Hiring Models We offer

Dedicated Resource Hiring:
  • Full-time resource
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Monthly 160 hours of guaranteed production.
  • Part-time hiring option for 80 hours a month.
  • No Set-up Fees.
  • Best Option to go with.
Time & Material Mode :
  •  List down your priorities
  •  Pay only for the listed priorities
  •  Suited for long-term project
  •  Provide Flexibility to modify the scope
  •  Easy Payment Cycle
Fixed Price Project:
  • Requirement Analysis.
  • Scope of Work creation
  • Fix timeline for the scoped requirement
  • Suitable when the scope is well-defined
  • Strict Deadlines and Deliveries.
  •  Predefined set of Payment amount.

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