Mobile app development used to be a major boom for tech companies to jump straight into. But now that a gazillion of apps are being offered on the market, some countries are seeing a major decline in mobile apps download. After all, what’s the point in downloading new apps that although may seem fancy, users won’t use because they already have another app for the same tasks?


In South Africa though, mobile app development is still hot and growing. With the number of citizens rising to the position of middle class on the increase in recent years, Johannesburg is seeing more consumers starting to employ smart apps to get by with life. There is a huge opportunity for app developers in Johannesburg to consider various aspects of what consumers want from a mobile app.

For South African mobile app developers, it may be a little bit more than daunting to start now. Developers may be asking themselves, what would work and what would fail? Major developers in many countries that have been the leaders when it comes to mobile tech are now facing frustrations from fierce competition in order to stay afloat within the market. However, learning from history, as well as the rise and decrease of the mobile app market in leading countries such as the USA and Japan, this provides to be golden momentum for app developers in Johannesburg.

We now have ample sources of information which can be used as a tool for observation. Where have the apps that are still making it in the industry managed to do well? These are points to take into account which can be adjusted to the culture and demands of the South African users. Where have the apps that have crashed to the ground made a miscalculation and destroyed their entire brand name? These are points to be mindful of so as not to make the same missteps. In short, there is certainly plenty of room to study and subsequently make adjustments for the South African mobile app market.

Being the biggest city in South Africa, Johannesburg is the epicentre of technological breakthrough. Here is where all sorts of information exchange take place and foreign skill sets learnt. Having the advantage of being at the forefront of transformation, how will young app developers in Johannesburg develop in the future?

Here are 5 substantial predictions into the future of mobile app developers in Johannesburg. These are key insights which you may want to consider as you begin the draft for your first, or even next, amazing mobile app. However, you must keep in mind that at the end of the day, your own company’s visions and goals determine the steps with which your company walks its missions. After all, uniqueness and genuine value are what make a brand stay long in the game.

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1. Value over trend

About 10 years ago when smartphone apps were gaining prominence, many businesses struggled with transitioning into a more digital approach in regards to providing service to their consumers. Then, simply so as not to lag behind competition, it was like it turned into a trend to launch an app for everything. But, tons of these apps were there for just being there, lacking all kinds of basic user interface conveniences and often would crash to the consumers’ rage.

Many methodical app developers have come up with strong brand leaders in the market that simply embrace international fans. This is because they provide value for one-stop app for distinct purposes, such as travel planning and bookings, food deliveries and other shopping needs, up to financial insights in the cryptocurrency business.

2. Apps that interact with human needs

As part of providing value for your specific consumers, what will be the major contribution to your consumers? Even if you’re developing gaming apps, you must take into consideration what needs have not been met in the local industry. If you’re developing travel apps, one good idea would be to connect your app with local travel agencies or airline companies to provide easy access to booking and payment.

Mobile users in South Africa are distinctly different in each region and this is something you must take into account to properly conduct relevant market research. What consumer needs have not been met locally is your opportunity.

3. Efficient data usage and high reliability

Developing a massively all-encompassing app should come with considerations for its data load and reliability. Fortunately, President Ramaphosa has announced that mobile data cost will be reduced significantly to ensure growth and innovation in the tech industry.

In the future, we can expect to see more complex apps that can cater to different but relevant needs in one app. While users can rely on them with minimal worry for expensive internet costs.

4. Apps that bridge the current market to the future of tech usage

The market for mobile apps is still growing and has not reached a point of maturation. So, this is a good momentum to introduce innovation to bring South African mobile users to the future of a more digital lifestyle in the decades to come. The future app developers should create mobile apps that will enrich the lives of users.

5. Android app development as a precedence

The South African market relies more heavily on the Android phones than any other platforms. The platform also provides greater flexibility when it comes to app development and tweaking. So, it only makes sense to start with Android-based app development that can provide real-time feedbacks before rolling out into other platforms such as iOS and Windows.