With the tech industry in major cities such as Johannesburg and Pretoria making visible investments in a more digitalized community, is mobile app development South Africa the most trending thing right now?

The answer is an almost shaky ‘yes’ laden with some speculations into the future of mobile app development South Africa. At once, it really depends on who is looking at the situation, and another is how one looks at it.


1. A Local Market on the Growth

If you look locally, the mobile app development South Africa resides within a comparatively new industry of technology. The South African developers are in the process of undergoing assimilation into the global market which is already years ahead of the game.

Many are saying that the rapidly growing South African tech industry is a hot thing. Especially looking at how the government have even ventured into decreasing mobile data cost as a means to encourage more smartphone usage.

And yet, some are saying that even with the cost having been cut down, it is still not as affordable as it should be. Some people are left wondering if the usage of smartphone apps is meant to be an item of luxury rather than necessity.

With that said, mobile app development South Africa can be said to be a hot topic. But not everyone is as excited. Yet.

2. New Means of Service

Even with split opinions though, the reality is seeing more and more existing businesses jumping on the caravan towards mobile app presence. With more than half of the South African population having access to smartphones and the Internet, everyone is doing everything through their smartphones.

Businesses are making the leaps towards extending their services in a more rapid and reliable way, as can be seen with the boom in fast food delivery services being on the offer right now. Experts have speculated that the next big thing would be apps that connect beauty businesses with customers through seamless online bookings and appointments.

With the users hooked on the comfort and immediacy of technology, it is up to the tech developers if they can keep up with the growing necessities of mobile app development South Africa.

3. Services that Actually Matter to the People

When it comes to mobile app installations, you can be sure to see global app giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram present on practically everyone who uses smartphones at all.

The question remains though, that there should be some local needs that cannot be met by apps built for uniform international usage, and can the South African app developers tackle these challenges?

Travel app giants like Booking.com and Agoda are universally adopted by travelers across the world for their ease of use, as well as for their comprehensive content. It might be easy to mimic what they are already doing very right, but if there is already an app for the same need, people will not bother looking at other lesser known names.

It is easy to see that the trend in mobile app development South Africa is now geared towards building apps that connect local people with local businesses using similar successful man oeuvres already done by the seniors.

4. Workplace Technology

South African businesses are seeing to apply more smart app technology to garner more seamless productivity.

2018 saw huge leaps and bounds made by companies from various backgrounds to adopt cloud usage. Hoping to ensure faster data sharing whilst not sacrificing data safety, numerous app developers have been improvising on how more companies can enjoy the benefits of working with the clouds.

Such developments are seen within the financial sector as well as mobile wallet apps and AI-driven banking utilities are becoming more attractive to the South African market.

Chatbots are also enjoying a great deal of interest from both companies and end-users alike. Chatbots are able to provide immediate customer service on the most basic or commonly asked questions, making service and connectivity a lot more real-time, in a sense.

5. The Advent of 5G Technology

The South African mobile technology is big on the provision of mobile hardware’s from Huawei. With the Chinese tech enterprise venturing into rolling out 5G connectivity in the near future, South African mobile app developers are on the lookout for future possibilities of more highly-advanced technologies that can be tailored adequately for the local consumers.

Discussions on a much more affordable mobile lifestyle are on the rise as enterprises and developers are excited about what the future of the Internet can bring South Africa.

6. South African Mobile App Developer Community

Looking at the meridian of app developer salary on the offer, it is clear that there is a strong demand for software developers. There are now a growing number of institutions dedicated to education of software developers within the niche of mobile app development.

Looking into the future, we can hope to see better app quality on more highly-advanced platforms of technology.

Surely, on both ends of the local and international communities, mobile app development South Africa is gaining momentum for locals to empower themselves and global enterprises to invest in the country’s tech prowess.

Many other sectors will reap benefits from this development as mobile apps are meant to connect people with businesses. Whether the business dwells with physical products that require immediate delivery, or marvelous services that offer experiences, if there is an app to connect users and providers we can surely see rapid growth on the country’s economy. Let’s get in touch if you are looking for a top mobile app development company in South Africa.