On-boarding Process

App asks users that why are they interested in Circadian Lifestyle? And the users can make one or more selections for answer such as “Balance my diet”, “Boost my mood” or “have super sleep”.

A user can also select their current location via turning on “auto location” or they can also select any other location manually.

Based on the selected location, app will display the sunrise time of that location for next day and a user can select whether they would like to wake up at sunrise time or any other time based on their preference.

Then a user will be asked to select their eating window. App will suggest best eating window range based on user location and sunrise time. A user can make changes according to provided range.

In last step, the app will ask user to set few notification permission which are necessary for any person to be organized on daily routine. A user can accept or decline notification permission according to their requirement.

My Day

This is the first screen after on-boarding process. On this screen, an app will display users selected location name, current date and time on top.

It will also display past or future notifications/alarms set by user. Those alarms/notification which are active, will be displayed in color associated with that rhythm.

A user can click on any notification or an alarm to go to it’s respective settings screen. From settings screen, they can make desired changes such as change timings, selection of ringtones, manage offset.


This is the second tab of the app which represents each circadian rhythm as per selection by user. On top, a user will be able to see their current location along with date & time.

Dashboard will display current local time in centre. Around that centre, we will display all rhythms and their duration in coloured circles which represents 24 hours range in total.

All the six rhythms will be listed below the dashboard circle which user can select to make changes such as setting an alarm, notification, ring tone selection.

Learn Section

The learn environment is comprised of internal content and external content. Internal content is shown first in a default order. They all contain information, suggestions and a “Did you know…” area.

All rhythms have a settings section that links back to the respective notification / alarm page. Some content also have a product section.

For searching, we have given two options which is normal search function along with tag search. A user can search anything related to circadian lifestyle in search bar and the related content will appear whereas they can also click on tags and they’ll see all the available tags in the app for their selection.

Offline support

We have developed an offline support feature for this app which will allow user to access the app in case they do not have active internet connection. This app stores data while user downloads the app so that they can access it during network crises.