On-boarding process

During this on-boarding process, a user will be asked to select their country so based on their country selection, he’ll be able to see product prices in respective currency. After country selection, a user will have to choose their preferred language from English or Arabic.

Login & Sign up

For registration, we have provided couple of options and a user can select manual registration, sign up via Facebook, sign up via Google.

Tab Structure

We have used bottom tab navigation structure for easy access to users just like Instagram has. A user can swiftly navigate from bottom tab structure and have smooth user experience in app.

Home Tab

On this Home tab, a user can see list of cards. They can also select sorting and filtering options based on their card requirement. They can filter in multiple ways like price, categories, brand. On selecting any cards they can Product details, related items to that product.

Favourite Tab

We have created favourite function for users. On clicking of heart button, a user can keep the card product as their favourite item. In this favourite tab, they can see list of items which they have kept as favourite.

Profile Tab

This is the tab where a user can make changes to their profile appearance like editing their name, email, contact number, etc.

Cart Tab

In this tab a user will be able to see all those products which they have added in their cart and check out them as per their card requirements.

Settings Tab

Here a user will have multiple options like, Notification on/off toggle button, change of country or language, about us, terms and condition, privacy policy, contact us. A user can turn on or off their notification preference and they can also change their current selected country and language preference such as English to Arabic or vice a versa.