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Shop Owner Registration

Shop Owner need to fill up the form from the website which Admin need to verify and approve the user. Once admin approves it, they will get an access of their personalised dashboard.

Customer Registration and Login

Customers can Sign up via app form and complete their registration or via Facebook or Google Signup to access the application.

After successful login users will be able to see all the stores which are surrounding their location.

On click of a store, user will get list of all the categories offered by the store and products in it. Users can select the products and compare it with other stores as well for price check and quantity.

Users will be able to invite their family members to the application via Mobile and Email. Users can share the list of shopping with their family members.

Users can view all the stores and products from home and create their list of monthyly purchase without putting a step outside their home. They can share it with family member they have added and check the status of the shopping via app.

Users will be able to create a list and compare the list with other stores to check the price variations. App alert users for the specific product which is on higher side during shopping.


Online Grocery App is a tailormade solution for the client to help the audience in this pandemic without much exposure. The application will allow users to view all the stores surrounding their location and view the products. Users will be able to create a list of their shopping and share it with their family members.

Customer app has a feature to set the budget and compare it with other stores. Users can set their budget and it alter users when they cross it while shopping. Users will also be able to compare their list with different stores. Users can view and share their list to family members and even get the list of their past shopping.

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